La Esquina de las Flores ✿

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that La Esquina de las Flores is one of my favorite places in Buenos Aires. Yes that includes all the expensive, haute-cuisine restaurants and all the fun, hipster joints I visit; and even all the super-secret gems in forgotten neighborhoods I like to brag about.

Why is it my favorite?

  1. It’s just not what you expect. It’s right there at the most Palermo corner of Palermo: craft beer pubs, designer stores, cobblestone alleys; and yet, it doesn’t really fit the Plaza Serrano profile.
  2. Even after you enter the place, it’s not what you expect. It might look like a trendy organic bakery with a couple of tables on the sidewalk; but if you walk a few steps you’ll see that it’s actually a complex with buffet area, mini-market, tables in different sizes, library, water fountain and a piano. All surrounded by flowers and fruits.
  3. Because even after you realize all that, it’s still not what you expect. La Esquina de Las Flores has been a “health empire” since 1979. They have their own bread factory, warehouse, mill and a food processing plant. They also run a school where they teach healthy cooking classes regularly FOR FREE; as well as a 2-year program in natural cuisine, at a very affordable price.
  4. They don’t take advantage of all that for a profit. They could, but they don’t. They don’t try to overcharge you or oversell any of their products. Instead, they keep it real and cozy; they’ve had the same staff for years, their take-away and lunch deals continue to be cheap; and they use the “marketing of the truth” according to their website.

La Esquina de Las Flores feels like a gastro-spa for the common people.

What can you eat?

Bread, empanadas, savory tarts (all with whole wheat flour), a few cakes, juices and smoothies. I order the ricotta/onion tart a lot; as well as the eggplant empanadas and the quinoa salad. Their coffee is the one thing I avoid, though, but what more can I ask, really?

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Is Zapallito Argentina's national vegetable? I wasn’t aware that *zapallito* was an Argentinian thing (Uruguayan-Argentinian to be fair), until someone pointed that out to me.⁣ ⁣ Let’s face it, the Argentine diet is not exactly based on vegetables. Actually, I suspect they could do without them if it wasn’t for their colorful role in asados. But I have to mention zapallito: a local variation of squash – small, round and green. I found a similar thing on English Wikipedia as "gem squash".⁣ ⁣ Zapallito is eaten in a variety of ways, just like zuchinnis would. I personally like "zapallitos rellenos" (stuffed with mince meat) and "tarta de zapallitos", the savoury tart in the picture (that one is from @esquinadelasfloresoficial )⁣ ⁣ A few other underdogs of Argentina's food can be found at ➡️⁣ ___________________⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #zapallito #laesquinadelasflores #palermosoho #evileats #tartadezapallitos #Argentina #argentinianfood #foodinargentina #southamerica #southamericanfood #argentinafood #foodieargentina #buenosaires #buenosairesfood #foodinbuenosaires #buenosairesrestaurants #foodiebuenosaires #foodaroundtheworld #travelfoodie #visitargentina #eeeeeats #eater #buenosairesfoodie

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By the way, it’s all vegetarian. And by the way, if you like strong and salty flavours, better skip this one.

I can’t stress this enough, but they existed way before the green hype and the organic trend. It was their original philosophy from the start. They’re more than a food factory, more than a mini-market, more than a bakery, more than a restaurant. They’re kind of a life-school, really. They have my love and respect.

La Esquina de Las Flores
Gurruchuaga 1630 – Palermo, Buenos Aires

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