A few things I wasn’t expecting about Croatia (but should have)

  1. There’s Lavender everywhere and it smells delicious.
Lavender shop in Rovinj, Croatia
By @somedayillseetheworld

2. You need special beach shoes to go in the water.


3. They have damn good wine. I especially enjoyed their white: Malvazija and Pošip.


4. They have damn good coffee. Even the standard to-go coffee from a fast-food joint or a street stand (I swear I had the best cappuccino from a vending machine).

5. The day starts early for Croatians. Most coffee shops open at 7am, and I even found a bikini shop open at 8am in Dubrovnik. Downside: Sundays are dead.


6. In many coffee shops they bring the check to the table right away, along with your order. I have to say, I hate this.

7. In some towns of Istria and the North, Italian is commonly spoken along with Croatian and they eat a lot of Pasta too.

8. Women empowerment. I should have seen that one coming since they even have a lady president. Croatian woman are not only beautiful – they also have a strong character and are not afraid to work as police officers or security guards.

Image result for croatia president

9. Toilet paper is pink.


10. They’re very religious. In whatever town you are, you’re likely to hear the church bells eventually.


11. People are often grumpy. First I thought it was in the more touristic cities where they are fed-up with questions and impossible requests- but then I had the same experience in small towns. Since I’m not the most cheerful person myself, and because they excel in so many other things, and because they have a breathtakingly beautiful country that made my life a bit better – I’m ok with this.




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