Almond Latte Fever in Buenos Aires

New obsession alert: Almond Milk.

I tried it before, I knew it was good, I knew how to make it, I knew all about it. Or so I thought… until I tried my regular Flat White with Almond Milk. My perception of coffee changed intensely, which is good because I had been gravitating around the coffee-hole for so long I thought nothing could surprise me again.

Now, if the place has Almond Flat White, DO order it, no matter what, do not think about it, do not Google it, do not ask the waiter/waitress if they think is the right choice, do not keep looking at the menu, just do you and your day a favor and get the damn thing.

But because not all coffee shops are specialty coffee shops, it may happen that they don’t do flat whites but rather your regular café con leche or latte with the almond twist. It’s still pretty damn good and you should definetly try it.

Hate to spoil the fun, but most of these places charge extra for almond milk.

My favorites

… and also probably the best in town: Cuervo Café (you can even ask for the Large almond Latte with double espresso shot) and All Saints Café (one of the few places willing to serve an oversized Flat White)

Other places where you’ll find almond latte

(…that I know of. I’ll try to keep this list updated)

  • Wellbar in Palermo * They don’t charge extra. (try also their hot chocolate with almond milk)
  • COCU in Palermo
  • Fifí Almacén in Palermo
  • Tostado Café Club *They don’t charge extra
  • Green Eat
  • Ol’ Days in Recoleta and Puerto Madero
  • Crisol
  • Lattente in Palermo
  • Coffee Town in San Telmo
  • Healthy Planet in Palermo
  • La Noire Cafe in Villa Crespo
  • Bote Café downtown
  • Estilo Barista in Retiro
  • The Coffee Store in Palermo
  • Hacienda en Palermo
  • Café Martínez por toda la ciudad
  • Serendipity en Palermo Hollywood (¡además tienen mucha variedad de leches vegetales para elegir!)
  • Le Pain Quotidien por toda la ciudad
  • Tea Connection (not recommended in this case, their almond cappuccino tasted like water)
  • B-Fresh Store (Palermo Botánico)


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