Arcade is back in Buenos Aires !

I’m sure there’s plenty of places I don’t know (luckily you will point me in the right direction) but personally I had a hard time finding good arcade-venues in Buenos Aires. The closest thing you get is the claw machine in COTO or some purely ornamental retro game in a bar around Plaza Serrano.

But Arcade is back! With all the colors, lights, buttons, weird kids, weird adults, guns, teddy bears, motorcycles and balls.

Now I don’t have to go all the way to Flores for a decent arcade, although if you do go there, you will be able to take pictures like this and start working on your perfect retirement plan:


Arcade in Flores, Rivadavia y Lafuente

TRENDY : El Destello

Let’s start with the one you probably know or heard or saw in someone’s Instagram. El Destello is in Palermo Viejo and has good retro games, a giant space invader lamp, craft beer and a full-size E.T.

Do I need to say more?

Bar – Arcade in Gascón 1460


SECRET: Arcade Club Social

A dream for game-lovers, not only because it has an excellent retro selection from Tetris ’til Mortal Kombat; but because their “secret” nature will make you feel exclusive and special. Arcade Club Social is hidden somewhere in Villa Crespo. I will not spoil the fun by publishing the exact address but you will have no problem finding out on Google thanks to their recent fame.



UNKNOWN: The top floor of a supermarket

Now, there’s an arcade you may not know. It has no craft beer or neon lights. In fact, it’s hidden on the top floor of an old mall in Congreso.

But it’s REALLY BIG and it has EVERYTHING. Two opposite game rooms: one for the “little ones” with more dynamic games like basketball, ribbit racing, air hockey… And then another room with entire walls dedicated to racing, Daytona / SEGA, that Jurassic Park cabin we all love, Street Fighter, TIME CRISIS (!), etc. There’s also bowling and pool. It works with a prepaid card.

It’s all hidden on the top floor of Spinetto shopping center in Congreso, in front of Primero de Mayo square. The area around the mall is very vintage and porteña. Inside you will find stores, a food fair, a COTO supermarket.


Spinetto shopping center, Matheu 240
Me, playing Mario Kart.


Insert coin.





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