Santa Marta: Super instagramable cappuccino mugs


It seems like now every single block in Buenos Aires has a brewery and a specialty coffee shop. At first I felt overwhelmed, then I felt a little skeptical; now I often find myself holding on tight to old known places, running away from all the novelties and the ‘never-seen-before’ lines.

Santa Marta is not really that new in town, but it’s new in my life. One of those days when the available options weren’t so tempting, I stumbled upon their black and white tent and their little green succulent plants on the window. It looked peaceful, cozy.

After coming a few more times, I gave in to the need to write about them. Santa Marta is a warm coffee shop, with colorful bags on the wall, all kinds of hand-made products for sale (coffee beans, candles, jewelry, even virgin statues), plants and glass window fronts instead of walls. In spite of all the small things and objects everywhere; it feels simple.


They serve really good coffee (LAB tostadoresin A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E coffee mugs  something that might sound irrelevant, but somehow adds something to it. The menu isn’t large at all... but the lunch formulas are recommended. I tried an onion-cheese quiche that was enormous and yummy. More options are available for breakfast and meriendas: cakes, cookies, alfajores, brownies, and a yogurt+granola that’s my personal favorite.



You think you’re coming for coffee, but you’re leaving with:

a) a carrot cake

2) a brand new tote bag

3) a really popular IG story with your cute cappuccino mug

Santa Marta Café
Soler 4499 (Palermo-Buenos Aires)

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