The biggest cup of coffee in Buenos Aires


I recently started a new challenge in my Instagram called #SuperTazonBA, consisting in me going around the city looking for the biggest cup of coffee in Buenos Aires. The truth is, I’ve been trying coffee everywhere for a few years now, and I have to say that in my case, sometimes SIZE DOES MATTER.


The thing about size

Size preferences are clearly personal. I know that size is restricted in many specialty coffee shops and I respect it when they refuse to prepare a larger Flat White. The thing is, I don’t go to specialty coffee shops exclusively – I also need quiet cafés where to stay a few hours with my laptop, and is in those cases where I require a larger cup to hang around a while and even dunk my medialuna in it.

So I hope I’m not offending any coffee lover out there who, just like me, likes to go from coffee shop to coffee shop searching for true love.


The discovery

Thanks to a suggestion by Alma Cafetera, I decided to take a trip to Caballito on a Saturday morning, when low traffic levels allow me to move easily. Destination: OTERO, a café known in the neighborhood by its breakfast deals, but not so popular in BA’s trendy lists (I don’t know why).

They already won my heart by opening this early,  It’s hard to find places open before 9am on weekends. Inside, the atmosphere is friendly, green, comfy, familiar. I felt well-hosted. The menu covers basic brunch and breakfast options (porteño, american, healthy, etc.), cakes, desserts, sandwiches and salads.

HIGHLIGHT FOR FREELANCERS: comfortable tables with many plugs, Wi-Fi works perfectly and the level of noise/music is ideal.



Before  even checked out the menu, I ordered the biggest cup available. After all that was the reason of my visit. I noticed the price was considerably lower than other “bowls” of coffee I tried (Le Blé, Café Martínez, Usina). So I wasn’t expecting a big surprise.

Minutes later, that surprise I wasn’t expecting arrived to my table. I was pleasantly bewildered and spent 15 minutes taking pictures, boomerangs and videos; for the amusement of neighboring tables. Later, I was disappointed to find out that none of the images reflected the real size of that coffee bowl.



So, yeah, you’re going to have to go there yourselves and order that LATTE SOUP. By the way, the quality is more than acceptable, considering that this isn’t specialty coffee.

The search for the #SuperTazonBA is still on… but the bar is now too high.

Otero Café
Guayaquil 389 (Caballito – Buenos Aires)


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