Café Gourmand, the coffee shop Montevideo deserves

café gourmand montevideo

I never had much luck with cafés in Montevideo. Even though with every visit I find that the offer is definitely improving, the truth is that 95% of the time the menu is predictable, the attention is somewhat indifferent, coffee is not very good and there is a general lack of charm that bothers me (of course, then I remember I don’t go to Montevideo for the coffee, but for the beach and the late-night chivitos, and I feel happy and complete again).

But then there’s that other 5%. I googled «good coffee Montevideo» and TripAdvisor threw a list, in which Café Gourmand stood out because it was just a few blocks away from my hostel. I swear, when I entered the place and I was received with a human smile, a sweet decor and an enthusiastic answer when I asked about WiFi and plugs;  harps and trumpets sounded in my head.

Cafe Gourmand is a french coffee shop run by french people, but I think that hardly has anything to do with it. They just happen to be great people offering a great product. What they have created is lovely and unpretentious, the kind of place where you want the waitress to learn your name and you want to come even though you’re not hungry. The place you want to show your friends and brag about how you discovered it.

But enough with the flattery, let’s get to what you came to this blog for: Coffee. Quality, specialty coffee, and the usual variations we love. Flat White wasn’t on the menu, so I tried the Latte with 2 shots of espresso, and the Cappuccino grande also with 2 shots (Yep, I went wild). They have an amazing “Cafe Gourmand” formula, consisting of 3 mini-desserts + coffee or tea (homemade pastry, super recommended).

café gourmand montevideo

Amazing brunch menus, salads, tartines, petit déjeuners (croissants, pain au chocolat and all your usual french treats) are in order. I’m kind of obsessed with Uruguayan yogurt (I don’t get a lot of yogurt options back in Buenos Aires) so I HAD to try the house yogurt + granola. So good I could have eaten hundreds of it.

Nothing feels stilted here. The menu, the decor, even the instagram marketing comes natural. It’s just simple, warm, authentic. And perfect to go work with your laptop, by the way: quiet, street view, comfortable, affordable. I swear, one more visit to this place counts as a good reason to come back to Montevideo.


** To be fair, Google mentioned other places I didn’t have time to visit, but they sound cool too: La Madriguera, The LAB, La Farmacia.

Café Gourmand
Constituyente 1869 (Montevideo-Uruguay)

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