Pakistani flavours unveiled in Buenos Aires

You might remember that Seinfeld episode where Babu decides to turn the “Dream Cafe” into a Pakistani restaurant, following Jerry’s advice (and then they’re forced to close down due to lack of customers)… Well, at least I remembered it when I went to dinner at Kebab Roll and we practically had the place for ourselves the whole time we were there.

But don’t get me wrong. Babu is nothing like Shehryar, the lord of this place, who left his country a long time ago to study Law and Philosophy in the US, and then came to settle down in Buenos Aires as some sort of irreverent-hippie-entrepreneur. And once again, don’t get me wrong: the fact that the place isn’t crowded yet is only a privilege to us. You won’t find a place as chill as this in a “top” neighborhood like Palermo Hollywood.

A “kebab roll” is a variation of the famous kebab. The meat is cooked over fire using a special tool (kind of a thin sword, because soldiers used to cook like this around the camp fire); and it has a distinctive seasoning mix. We loved the bread, thinner and softer than shawarma bread. We had the Afghan Boti roll with rib eye marinated in coriander and kiwi (DO use the coriander sauce served as an extra) and the Tandoori chicken roll with a touch of ginger. Both with distinguishable flavors, highlighted by a smart seasoning.

We were pleasantly surprised by the vegan chickpea curry: spicy-ish, with a lasting flavor. For my second visit I’m planning to try other curries and the samosas (meat, spinach, chickpea and a sweet apple samosa). Heads-up: menu might vary. We had home-made beer, courtesy of Shehryar’s friends. For example, the I.P.A. we tried came from Provincia and it was especially refreshing and bubbly, ideal for this kind of dinner.

curry - Kebab Roll - Palermo

UPDATE 2019: So I tried the samosas and they were amazing. I think I have developed a new thing for samosas. I also tried more kebabs and they’re still excellent. Prices have gone up a bit, like everywhere else in Argentina, but still worth it.

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Eating a good curry outside on a summer night, beer in hand, feeling you’re having dinner at a friend’s house rather than in a touristy neighborhood. Things that make you come back. Maybe not so funny for a Seinfeld episode, but quite alright for us.

Kebab Roll
Honduras 5761 (Palermo-Buenos Aires)

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